I Cavalli

living temples

George and Riversdale, south africa


“Before I dived into Silence, I used to see horses as horses and waters as waters.

When I arrived at a space of union with Silence, I came to the point where I saw horses are not horses and waters are not waters.

But now that I have got its very substance, and understood that there is no such thing, I let go of the attachment to know how it works, as it is constantly shifting and changing, like I am.

I am at Rest.

For it is that I see horses once again as horses and waters once again as waters.

I feel now confident to guide people into Silent Retreats.”

Vanessa Malvicini

Inspired by a sacred text Ch’uan Teng Lu,  22. (The Way of Zen 126)


“Silence is like the Desert, it can be scary if one is not used any longer to navigate it, though we are going to guide you through it, and you will have the possibility to Release, Rejuvenate and Rejoice, as you Rediscover once again, the Power of Silence.”

Vanessa Malvicini

Bringing Silence back to . . . Life